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The PT Mentor UK will help turn your passion into a successful career

Choosing the right course provider to work with is key. Your provider should be up to date with the latest courses and trends within the industry, offering evidence based content to develop you as both a coach and a business. 

Our courses are delivered around your timeframe, not the other way round. We understand you may have other commitments and can't attend a classroom-based course for weeks at a time. Our unique one-to-one delivery model gives you the flexibility of home study, the added value of e-learning and the unrivaled support of a face-to-face Tutor, where we come to you.

Most Personal Trainers last just two years in the industry. Shocking right? The reason for this is because most training providers run a conveyor belt system where twenty learners complete their course one day, for another twenty to start the next day. They give the students the basic information to pass the course, but fail to give them the skills and knowledge of sales, marketing and business that is truly needed to last in the industry.

At The PT Mentor UK, we want to be there every step of the way from course, to clients.

Why choose to work with us?

I'm Karl Muir, the Owner of The PT Mentor UK.

Looking back on when I qualified from my course, I was so excited to be a Personal Trainer. But didn't really learn how to be one until I started working in a gym.

The course I did was the "gold standard" at the time but every single one of us on that course were all taught the same way, to the same time frame and all passed on the same day. Heck, we all probably had the same answers in our course books!

Point is, we're not all the same and we were just spoon fed information to pass the course. Everyone learns a different way and at a different pace.

I didn't know how to sell a Personal Training session, didn't really know what made me different from the other trainers or even who I wanted to target to sell my services too.

But, I did soon know that I wasn't told much on my course that was helping me day in, day out in my job role!

This led me to think that courses need to be more "real life" in what they tell you, important as anatomy and physiology might be, it doesn't teach you how to book in consultation sessions turning each one into a new paying client.

Fastword twenty years, where my team and I take great pride in knowing that our students qualify when they are truely ready to enter the industry.

However, learning in the industry never stops, neither will our support. Giving on-going guidance way beyond you recieving your certificate, helping you to build a rewarding and successful career.

Your Success, is our aim.

We're here as we love to help our students succeed within the industry.

The feeling we get when you pick up your first client is the same feeling that you will get when helping them to lose that first stone, get rid of their back pain or have someone with zero confidence "work it" in their Xmas party dress.

The point I'm making is we feel as passionate about your career as you do.

  • Work around you existing schedule and to your own time frame. 
  • Easy to follow manuals, e-learning and Tutor support (both face to face and remote).
  • On-going support after you qualify around sales, marketing and business.
  • Discounts on additional courses to keep you progressing. 
  • Years of experience in the industry to learn from both our successes and our failures.
  • Hundreds of learners helped to date.

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Our Student Reviews

Flexibility Was What First Attracted Me

“Being able to learn when and where you choose is amazing. Having your Tutor work around you is something I feel lots of people will benefit from compared to other courses out there.”

Rose Kelly - Milton Keynes

Support from Start to Finish

“Would highly recommend to anyone looking to become a Personal Trainer. I was provided with a top class Tutor to guide me through my Level 2 and 3 who was always there to offer support.”

Rhys Williams - Cardiff

I'm Now Doing a Job I Love

“Clearly very passionate about what they do. Supporting me from day one, not only with coursework and exams; but applying for jobs and interview prep too. I would (and have) recommend 100%.”

Lianne Andrews - Knebworth

If you're ready to take the first steps into a rewarding career within the fitness industry, then schedule a call today.