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The PT Mentor UK Complaints Policy


This document sets out The PT Mentor UK complaints policy and procedure and is aimed at our learners andall interested parties who encounter a direct or indirect service from The PT Mentor UK. The PT Mentor UK’s valuesour learners who undertake our course. Our aim is for our learners to have a fluid learner journey from start to finish of their course.

Therefore, it is important should you feel you have encountered a level of service that is below both yours and ourexpectations that you raise any concerns you may have with us immediately so that we may address them and learnlessons appropriate to improving service level expectations.


This policy covers complaints that learners and members of the public may wish to make in relation to thequalifications offered by The PT Mentor UK.

It is not to be used to cover enquiries about services offered by The PT Mentor UK or appeals in relation toassessment decisions made by The PT Mentor UK. These areas are covered by our Appeals Policy. Should a complaint be submitted which is in fact an appeal we will respond to inform the relevant party that the issue is beingconsidered in accordance with our Appeals Policy.

If you are unhappy about the way an examination or assessment was delivered and conducted and you suspectmalpractice and/or maladministration may have occurred you should send your concern to us in accordance withthe arrangements in our Malpractice & Maladministration Policy. This should occur as soon as possible to protect any associated evidence that may form part of your complaint.

The PT Mentor UK responsibility

We advise that our staff and learners involved in the management, assessment and quality assurance of ourqualifications are aware of the contents of this policy and that The PT Mentor UK has a complaints handlingprocedure in place to deal with complaints from learners about the services they receive from us.

How should I complain?

Stage 1

All The PT Mentor UK staff are trained to support our customers and are all keen to help, so you should first try tosort out any problem at the earliest opportunity by speaking to the person who dealt with your it in the first instance.

Stage 2

If they cannot help or you wish to speak to someone else please complete our complaints form and pass it on to the owner of The PT Mentor UK karl@theptmentor.uk who will look into this matter with those involved and aim to respond within 10 working days. Within this time frame you will also receive a response of when the complaint will be dealt with and what action will be taken to do so. If any further investigation is to take place, then this will be mentioned, and a new time frame given at that point

Stage 3

If Stage 2 is not possible, or if you are not satisfied with the help provided by this member of staff, pleasesend a written complaint which must be received within 20 working days of exhausting stage 2 of the event youare complaining about, and address it to us using the contact details outlined at the end of policy.

If you have fully exhausted the process and are still unhappy with the outcome then you can contact Active IQ directly if you feel there was a significant breach by the centre of Active IQ’s various procedures.  Contact details can be found on Active IQ’s website.

Confidentiality and whistle blowing

Sometimes a complainant will wish to remain anonymous. However, it is always preferable to reveal your identityand contact details to us. If you are concerned about possible adverse consequences, please inform us that youdo not wish for us to divulge your identity.

What happens if my complaint is upheld?

If any part of your complaint is upheld, we will of course respond to the complainant accordingly and give dueconsideration to how we can improve our service and arrangements.  For example, by reviewing our procedures toassess the impact on our arrangements and assessment process (if relevant) or arranging for staff training. Inextreme circumstances, internal disciplinary procedures may be exercised where the performance or behavior ofour staff is deemed inappropriate.

In situations where a complaint has been successful, or where an investigation following notification from Active IQindicates a failure in our processes, The PT Mentor UK will give due consideration to the outcome and will, asappropriate, take actions such as:

  • identify any other learner, who has been affected by that failure
  • correct, or where it cannot be corrected, mitigate as far as possible the effect of the failure
  • ensure that the failure does not recur in the future
  • compensate the learner if the centre is found it has compromised its own terms and conditions that form part of the contract between us and the learner in question.

If sending written correspondence, please send to –

Karl Muir, The PT Mentor UK, 28 Cannons Meadow, Tewin, Hertfordshire, AL6 0JU

Both in writing or email please include the following information to help us deal with your complaint –

  • Name
  • Who they are
  • Contact details
  • Details of the complaint
  • Actions taken to resolve complaint so far if applicable
  • What action might resolve the problem
  • Any attached evidence
  • Signature and date field

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy 

We promote a working environment in which diversity is recognised, valued and encouraged.  We acknowledge the multi-cultural and diverse nature of the UK workforce and society in general.

We are committed to principles of fairness and mutual respect where everyone accepts the concept of individual responsibility. These principles are embedded into The PT Mentor UK’s selection, recruitment, programme delivery, assessment and quality management/assurance.

We recognise that discrimination in the workplace/provision of training in any form is unacceptable and in most cases unlawful. We view any breach seriously.  We will investigate and potentially take appropriate action.

We feel strongly about our staff and learners adhering to these policies. If any staff or learner are discriminating a fellow staff member, learner, member of the public/staff at any venue we are using at that time can result in dismissal/removal from the course.

No learner, or anyone our organisation deals with, receives less favourable treatment because of their protected characteristics. The protected characteristics are:-

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Marriage and Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin)
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation

The PT Mentor UK’s Stance

In adhering with this stance The PT Mentor UK ensures equality of treatment for all by aiming to:

  • raise awareness of equality and diversity
  • ensure that you are never discriminated against or receive less favourable treatment because of a protective characteristic
  • acknowledge any issues that could be defined as discrimination, victimisation or harassment with an appropriately sensitive and prompt investigation
  • comply with Active IQ in making suitable reasonable adjustments (http://www.activeiq.co.uk/centres/guidance-for-centres) which can apply to all of the listed protected characteristics.

Your Responsibilities

Each and every one of us is a stakeholder in the success of this policy.  We expect you to make a positive contribution towards maintaining an environment of equal opportunity throughout the organisation.  Please make sure you observe this policy at all times.  In particular, you have individual responsibility to adopt the following:

  • Do not take unlawful discriminatory actions or decisions contrary to the spirit of this policy
  • Do not discriminate against, harass, abuse or intimidate anyone on account of their protected characteristics
  • Do not place pressure on any other learners to act in a discriminatory manner
  • Resist pressure to discriminate placed on you by others and report such approaches to an appropriate member of staff
  • Co-operate when we investigate, including providing evidence of conduct which may amount to discrimination
  • Co-operate with any measures introduced to develop or monitor equal opportunity

Discrimination is not just treating one person less favourably than another.  It can take place because:-

  • someone associates with a person with a protected characteristic;
  • someone is believed to possess a protected characteristic (even though they do not);

We expect you to treat, and be treated by, other learners and the people our organisation deals with considerately and with respect.

Where You Encounter Discrimination

  • If you feel subject to discrimination of any kind as identified within this policy, make clear to the individual concerned that you find it unacceptable. Person-to-person discussion at an early stage may be enough to resolve your concern without involving anyone else.  Alternatively, seek the help of a trusted colleague (e.g. a fellow learner or a trusted member of staff) and ask them to approach whoever has caused you offence.
  • If discrimination continues, or you consider an instance to be particularly serious, you should consider who to highlight the issue with. For the majority of cases this will likely to be the tutor or assessor. However we appreciate that this staff member may be implicated in your concern and therefore when this happens they should approach the tutor/assessors line manager or the designated internal verifier.
  • The staff member approached will carry out a suitable documented investigation or where more appropriate will refer the issue to an appropriate individual responsible for this area within the company. In this case email karl@theptmentor.uk
  • The result of the investigation into alleged discrimination will be communicated to you with information including the action taken and outcome highlighted if applicable or appropriate.
  • If you feel dissatisfied about the outcome of the investigation and you want to appeal then you will need to contact Karl Muir within five working days of receiving the outcome, who will carry out a review of these concerns.

Thank you for your contribution and commitment to making our policy work.

The PT Mentor UK Learner Induction Process

The PT Mentor UK are committed to all learners receiving an enhancing learning experience where you achieve your goals and aspirations.  Therefore we value your induction process which highlights what you can expect from The PT Mentor UK while you are studying with us.

Information provided prior to enrolment

You can expect The PT Mentor UK to provide information on:

  • all The PT Mentor UK programmes and services
  • equivalent, exemptions and APL/RPL arrangements that may apply
  • entry requirements and final qualifications
  • possible destinations of learners completing Active IQ awards
  • fees and any other charges associated with your programme
  • the facilities and support available for learners with a disability
  • who your allocated Tutor/Mentor is and their contact details

Induction on enrolment/first day of learning

You can expect The PT Mentor UK to:

  • outline the learner and centre’s expectations (code of conduct/learning agreement or service level agreement)
  • provide a copy of and a level of understanding for vital centre policies and procedures such as the appeals, equality and diversity and complaints
  • confirm the unique identity of learners through the collection of identification
  • provide accurate information about the teaching and learning timetable
  • assessment arrangements for your entire course
  • provide information on how your achievements and progress are recorded and communicated
  • issuing and introduction to course resources
  • provide information on reasonable adjustments and special considerations in line with centre/Active IQ requirements
  • provide a schedule of assignments for each unit at the beginning of the course
  • provide information on chances to discuss your programme and one to one opportunities
  • health and safety including all venue arrangements and considerations
  • provide details of how we will mark the assignment/assessments and the type of feedback you will get on it
  • give you information about what is expected for each unit, the marking criteria, and what formal supervision there will be
  • additional fees and when they might apply
  • establishment of learning styles
  • administration and support services

The PT Mentor UK undertakes to provide high-quality academic support and learning resources to learners.  However, success in learning depends critically on the efforts made by learners as outlined in the learner contract.

What The PT Mentor UK expect from you at induction:

  • provide correct truthful and honest information to the best of your knowledge
  • participate fully in the process
  • inform The PT Mentor UK if you change your personal details
  • agree to work within our policies and procedures
  • read and make your-self aware of The PT Mentor UK terms and conditions as agreed at point of registration, they can be seen on this page

Thank you for your contribution and commitment to making our process work.

Cancellation Policy

The PT Mentor UK do not issue refunds on our courses. When you enrol to a course you are agreeing to this as one of the terms and conditions at sign up. In an extreme circumstance we may be able to issue you with a partial refund.

If you are unhappy with the level of support from your designated Tutor/Assessor the first port of call is to move you to someone else. We try our upmost to help you as much as we can, with the support during and after the course there for you to access. If you are not using that support, when offered, and still want to be removed from programme there are costs that need to be taken into consideration. Such as workbook fee’s, registration fee’s and Tutor/Assessor fee’s.

Our aim is to help you complete your course, so if you feel like you can not continue – please do contact us to discuss all available options.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, or your dealings with our website, please contact us here – info@theptmentor.uk