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Evolution of the Fitness Industry?

With Covid-19 hitting the UK hard in March we saw health, fitness and leisure facilities shut their doors.

Ideas of how-to carry on delivering 1-2-1 and group sessions, to clients and members, whilst following government guidelines came up in many a conversation and social media post.

Then, to be quashed by stricter rules the day or so after.

Overnight people, which seemed like the entire fitness industry, went on-line to deliver exercise sessions.

So, what have we learnt from this first month?

Firstly, that we should have all brought shares in Zoom – but also that we can adapt.

Adapting to a new way of working, the use of new technologies and for some – stepping out of their comfort zone.

In a roundabout way, this has forced many people to look at their business differently.

With a new on-line offering, and the fact that everyone is stuck at home, this has led to an influx of potential clients. People are all looking on-line for workouts, motivation and accountability.

A lot more have seemed to take up exercise at this time too, maybe to make their day go quicker, because they can’t get out and about or maybe to keep both their physical and mental health in check.

Which again has led to potential opportunity.

From Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors to Yoga and Pilates instructors, everyone has started to deliver on-line sessions.

Facilities even transitioned on-line with “studio” classes now being taught to members live, at the time they would have been on site, in the conform of their own home.

What does this mean going forwards?
Some on-line sessions have become so popular the trainers/instructors are probably thinking what’s the point in going back to a gym, saving them having to pay the gym a monthly rent to use their facilities.

This could then open the door for those looking to step into the industry as there will be jobs available.

I can see gym’s offering out a virtual membership to include home Personal Training sessions and home class participation.

They’d be silly not too, right?

With everyone working out from home they may see their membership as something they don’t need, forcing gyms to adapt.

At this moment in time we need to think of new ways of working and new offerings. Showing both potential and existing clients that use your services will still benefit from them.

It’s great to see so many out there still delivering great session’s virtually, starting up accountability groups and offering out new on-line packages for clients to follow on their own.

Are you struggling in your fitness business with the effects of Covid-19? If you’d like to discuss this article further, don’t hesitate to get in contact – info@theptmentor.uk

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Karl is the Company Owner of The PT Mentor UK. Having qualified as a Personal Trainer himself almost 20 years ago, he's been helping others step into the fitness industry since 2010 by delivering the latest courses and on-going support to help them succeed.

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