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Is it Worth Getting a Personal Training Certification?

Personal training is a growing industry, and despite lockdown-related setbacks, the industry will continue to go from strength to strength. But is it worth getting a personal training certification? This article will examine the evidence.

Compared to many industries, the cost and time involved in getting certified as a personal trainer are minimal. Compare that to the average salary of a personal trainer, and the answer is a resounding yes. While it is possible to train people without qualifications, you are unable to get insured. Which is a risk that is not worth taking.

Now that we know the answer, let’s dive in and see why personal training certification is a worthwhile endeavour.

Is it Worth Getting a Personal Training Certification?

Many personal trainers often complain about the costs of personal training certifications, and they can sometimes seem expensive. But not if you put those costs in context. Many personal trainer certifications cost less than £2,500. This is almost half of what a plumber would pay for their qualification.

When assessing whether getting qualified is worthwhile, you need to look at several factors:

  • The overall cost of the qualification
  • Value of it in terms of lifetime earnings
  • Risk of not paying to get qualified
  • Value for money of that course
  • Actual education value of the course

The overall cost of most qualifications is around £2,500, but this can vary a lot. Finding the right course for you is important, and this may mean paying a lot more or a lot less. If you were to analyse the cost of a course immediately after paying for it, then it may seem like a lot of money.

But you only have to take that qualification once, and your personal training career could last decades. In terms of long-term value, £2,500 for 30 years in the job is amazing! But let’s take a look at the other factors that can influence your decision.

What are the Average Earnings of a Personal Trainer?

According to Insure4Sport, the average income for a UK personal trainer is between £20,000 and £35,000. However, the top personal trainers can earn as much as £60,000 per year. As you can see, the upfront cost of getting qualified is just a drop in the ocean, if you are planning on making a career out of personal training.

But remember, that once you have your personal training qualification, there are many other revenue streams available to you. Online coaching, workout program templates, eBooks, courses, small-group coaching, and bootcamps, are just a few examples of directions in which your career can go.

Do I Need a Personal Training Certification?

This is a bit of a grey area. Legally, there is nothing stopping you from training people without a qualification. However, it is impossible to get insured without one. Even the best personal trainers in the world run the risk of injuring a client or being accused of something, and without insurance, you are at serious risk of being sued.

Another issue is that most gyms will not hire a personal trainer without any qualifications. So your career options will be limited. Even local councils are getting more aware of personal training, and often require PTs to pay fees for training in their parks. Without insurance, you are unlikely to get permission.

But the biggest issue is that without learning how to become a personal trainer, you are unlikely to be very good. Personal trainers need a good knowledge of nutrition and physiology to succeed. They also need to learn about business management and marketing.

Most personal trainer courses are really good about teaching all of this. Without taking a qualification, you are basically an untrained amateur. The days of clueless trainers skating by on their good looks alone are rapidly vanishing. Considering the low price of most personal trainer certifications, and the huge increase in quality, there really is no excuse to avoid them.

Are Personal Training Certifications Worth the Money?

20 years ago, there were many personal training certifications that weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. But those days are long gone. Today, courses are much more regulated, and thanks to websites such as this, it has never been easier to find out which courses are the best for you.

So far we’ve looked at the benefits of having a personal trainer certification, but we haven’t talked about the benefits of the courses themselves. A really good personal trainer course will teach you a lot about what to expect once qualified.

You will get lots of practice working with a diverse range of clients. The courses will provide practical and theoretical knowledge. Then there is the nutrition and fitness knowledge that the courses offer. These courses are great for building confidence, in yourself and in your abilities.

You may feel that getting your certificate is basically just a box-ticking exercise, but this is rarely the case. Personal training can be a very challenging job, and good trainers will never stop learning. Ensuring that your foundation knowledge is as good as possible is absolutely necessary.

Is it Worth Getting a Personal Training Certification? Final Thoughts

Considering the low cost of most personal training certificates, and the high potential earnings as a personal trainer. It seems obvious that getting certified as a personal trainer is worth your time and money. Personal training without a certificate is a bad idea for a number of reasons. It can reduce your job options, leave you exposed to legal action if you make a mistake, and it will leave you without the foundational knowledge you need to succeed in this industry.

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