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Sales Funnels for Personal Trainers

What are Sales Funnels and why should you have them in your fitness business?

With a sales funnel you can attract more leads into your business then guide them, from start to finish; to the outcome of turning them into a paying client.

Generally, there are 4 steps to a funnel – Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action.

By knowing these, you can use certain tactics to improve the number of prospects going from one step to the next.

Which can have a HUGE impact on your business.

Why are sales funnels important?

They highlight the path that you want your prospect to follow.

Helping them go from a prospect, to a lead, to a client.

By understanding your funnel, you can find and block the holes that prospects and leads may be falling through.

Which can stop them converting into clients – which is your main outcome.

You can go a lot more in-depth with various steps of your funnel and optimize it with the use of automations to get people back in or send them down a different funnel altogether.

But we’ll just focus on the basics.

How does it work? 

As mentioned above there are generally 4 steps, or stages, to a funnel – Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. Known as the acronym AIDA.

Here is a breakdown of someone going through your funnel at each stage…

Awareness –

This is the moment where you first capture a prospects attention.

It could have been an Instagram post, a Facebook post their friend has shared, a quick search on Google or a good old-fashioned word of mouth referral.

The prospect has now become aware of you and your business.

Sometimes, if the offer is right, prospects may buy from you immediately. Especially from a referral.

But most of the time, the awareness stage is you trying to grab attention and get people to see your business.

Interest –

Here is where a prospect starts to do their research. They’re looking at your content, comparing prices and thinking about of some options.

This is where your content is needed to capture that interest, so they don’t need to look elsewhere. If your content is sell, sell, sell they can be put off as there’s no value in what you’re saying.

Show your expertise in your area to help them make the decision to take the next step. Reach out and ask if there’s anything you can help them with too.

Decision –

They’ve seen you; they’ve followed you; they’ve even interacted with you – now they are read to buy.

But you may not be the only option on the table.

So, this is the time to make your best offer. It could be FREE access to your private Facebook group, a recipe book, a branded hoodie or something else that may sway their decision in your favour.

Whatever the case, make it irresistible so they take action.

Action –

We’re at the stage where he/she is about to act. They’re about to buy and become a customer.

Although, just because they’re at the bottom of your funnel doesn’t mean you’re 100% done, you still have some work to do.

You want to make sure that this one purchase turns into another, again and again.

This is the customer retention phase. Make sure you thank them for buying from you, send them a welcome pack and make sure they now you’re there to answer any questions prior to their first session.

Sales Funnel Example –

Run a competition on social media to share a post, such as a giveaway for reaching X amount of page likes/followers.

Ask existing followers to share your post and tag in people that AREN’T already following you, bringing new interest to your page/profile.

Prepare some content prior to inform your new audience on how you help, what it is that you offer and how. Continue to educate you audience.

Offer something out such as the FREE options mentioned above to peak their interest into potentially making a decision. Offering a free discovery call to anyone that wants to enquire heading them towards taking action.

Those that take action, again thank them and so on…this time add a refer-a-friend voucher into your welcome pack where they get something if a friend of theirs signs up to have some sessions.

Which would then create a new funnel.

You can have various different funnels into your business, all running at the same time. Through a website, social media, word of mouth and more.

Choose one that helps you in your business at the moment and go with it – no need to pay for a website if you’re just starting out. You can build your social media up, create engaging posts that showcase what you do then start your funnel as above.

Going forwards you can add in a website, email marketing software and more to do some funky automations to keep prospects going along their respective funnels steadily.

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