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​Are you ready to take your first steps towards a rewarding career in the fitness industry?

​We help people, just like you, qualify to work in the industry - then excel within it.

Delivering the latest evidence based courses in the country on a one-to-one basis, where we come to you. You will have a course manual, e-learning platform and a designated Tutor to support you through the course with a mix of home study and face to face sessions.

Our award winning course materials are the best in the industry, regularly updated with the latest research and trends. Paired with our e-learning platform, we suit various learning needs and styles to support you during the course. For home study you will have access to your Tutor through, text, call, email and Zoom. Face-to-face sessions, where we come to you, will be for practical learning and delivery, exams and catch-ups to go over and mark coursework.

From day one we will ask you why you're looking to get into the industry and who it is you want to help. This way we can put some solid ideas into motion to help you achieve your long term goal.

Learner Journey

From the first phone call we have we will be gearing the course towards your needs. We will ask you "what direction do you want to go in the industry" and together we can map out a clear path to reach it. Once signed up to your course, workbooks will be sent directly to you and you'll book in a face-to-face meet up or video call with your designated Tutor. This session is to explain and set the first few sections to work on.

From there you get to work at your own pace through the course, but when we say own pace this doesn't mean you're doing that all alone. You will have regular meet ups, video calls, phone calls and support from your Tutor plus through our student Facebook support group.

Meet ups take place at a convenient location for you, where we can go over any work you're stuck on, mark completed work, discuss the next sections to be worked on, sit multiple choice exams or the next move you're looking to make.

Practical sessions for learning happen at your local gym, if you'd feel more comfortable away from your local gym then tell us a venue and we'll meet you there. Depending on your experience can depend how many sessions it will take to get you up to the required standard. If you're new to the gym don't let this put you off, be assured that we don't want you going off teaching anyone when you're not 100% confident yourself.

Throughout the course we will give you guidance and support how to complete the coursework, prepare for exams and get you ready for the practical assessments but we will also be explaining how you link all of this to real life client situations.

The course is there as a tool to qualify you into the industry, we are there to make sure you have the additional skills on top to use it affectively.

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Our Student Reviews

Flexibility Was What First Attracted Me

“Being able to learn when and where you choose is amazing. Having your Tutor work around you is something I feel lots of people will benefit from compared to other courses out there.”

Rose Kelly - Milton Keynes

Support from Start to Finish

“Would highly recommend to anyone looking to become a Personal Trainer. I was provided with a top class Tutor to guide me through my Level 2 and 3 who was always there to offer support.”

Rhys Williams - Cardiff

I'm Now Doing a Job I Love

“Clearly very passionate about what they do. Supporting me from day one, not only with coursework and exams; but applying for jobs and interview prep too. I would (and have) recommend 100%.”

Lianne Andrews - Knebworth

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit on the course? 

No, the course can be done in your own time. If you want to get a job in the industry in the next few months or the next year, we can work around your time frame. If you have more time to learn then the course could be quicker.

Are there different payment options?

Yes, there is an upfront option, where you pay the course outright. Half and half, where you pay half the fee when you enrol and the other half when you complete. Payl8r finance, which is a finance company we use to offer added APR% re payments. 

Are the courses industry recognised?

Yes, all our courses are CIMPSA, REPS and Ofqual accredited. The awarding body we use for our certification, Active IQ, are the largest awarding organisation in the UK.

How will you help me after I've qualified?

During the course you will get plenty of real-life knowledge, from sales and marketing to people skills and techniques. This carries on well after you've qualified with our student support group on Facebook. Not on Facebook? You will also receive the content via email.

What are the fees for exams?

All fees are in the course price. We are not one of the companies that you hear about charging you to re-sit and exam, submit work or attend a face-to-face session with your Tutor. The price is the price.

Where are face-to-face visits held?

For a practical sessions, where we go into a gym, we can use your local gym. Either the one you're a member of or, if you don't want to use that one, one nearby. For marking of coursework and multiple choice exams we can use somewhere quiet like a coffee shop or library for a catch up visit.

Can you get me a job after my course?

We may not physically be able to get you a job but you will be highly prepared to get one. We can focus on your CV, interview techniques and how to research the company you're applying too. We do have various links in the industry that approach us when they need staff. 

Download Your Course Guide Today, for All Delivery, Content, Price Info and More